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Dr Ripal Gandhi discusses his 2020 SIR abstract, “Overcoming Limitations in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer With Transarterial Microperfusion Utilizing a Novel Dual-Balloon Catheter."
Dr Busch spoke with IO Learning about integrating the recently FDA-approved TULSA treatment into his practice.
Clinical Insights
Dr Lina Elsamaloty and Dr Ben Hammelman describe 3 patients with symptomatic extra-axial desmoids treated with cryoablation who had been passed over for surgical resection, and describe their postprocedural clinical courses to date.
Tim McClure, MD, discussed biopsy and ablation staging, circumstances in which renal mass biopsy is necessary, and recommendations from guidelines.

Ziv J. Haskal, MD, is a pioneer of novel educational methods, and he is excited to bring the benefits of VR educational technology to the CIO audience. Dr. Haskal will present the first virtual reality thyroid ablation case at CIO…

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