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Nursing Symposium Update - from 2016 Synergy conference

Nursing Symposium Update - from 2016 Synergy conference

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Evelyn P. Wempe, ARNP, MBA, MSN


Multidisciplinary conferences serve to meet the needs of patients. Through comprehensive educational presentations on treatment of diseases and conditions, physicians, nurses, technologists, and other health-care professionals get in-depth knowledge and updates on the latest therapies. For those attending the 6th annual Synergy: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Interventional Oncology, the benefits are numerous. There is a shared excitement among attendees and presenters at Synergy that leads to a reinvigorating weekend of learning from like-minded experts on oncology and patient care. The opportunity to learn of the latest minimally invasive techniques, medical treatments, and surgical options affords patients living with cancer more hope and quality of life. In addition, the collegiality and common theme among presenters and attendees fosters a sense of purpose to continue to do what is in the best interest of our patients. 

As health-care professionals, we have an individual responsibility to expand on our knowledge through education so that we become experts in caring for our patients. Nurses and allied health professionals working in interventional oncology practices who attend Synergy are self motivated to learn and add to their body of knowledge and clinical skill set. Synergy’s nursing symposium held every year presents topics related to the clinical care of patients undergoing interventional oncology procedures. This year, the nursing symposium is being held in two morning sessions on Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. So bring your cup of coffee or tea and jump-start your day with great topics relevant to the oncology practice. This year, the symposium presenters are comprised of medical, nursing, and technologist professionals who dedicate their profession to caring for cancer patients. Their experience and knowledge has prepared them to educate others in IR specialty practice. Topics of interest this year include updates on radioembolization in metastatic liver disease as well as the benefits of Dyna-CT, a technical application utilized in radioembolization procedures. The opportunity to learn of the technical aspects of what occurs in the intraprocedure setting is of great value for all members of the procedure team. It is a presentation not to miss! Additionally, the symposium will present the latest in percutaneous ablative techniques and what there is to know about the CT environment in oncology care. Finally, as a clinical specialty, it is important that patients undergoing an interventional procedure are optimized. Through inpatient consults, members of the IR team have the ability to assess and plan patient care to ensure improved outcomes. At this year’s symposium, attendees will learn about the benefits of inpatient consultations for those oncology patients presenting with clinical condition necessitating intervention by IR. 

The presentation at this year’s nursing symposium is a reflection of the continued goal to broaden the multitude of ways oncology patients are being cared for, but it is also a reflection of the different disciplines working together to achieve improved outcomes and quality care. Interventional oncology is a clinical discipline that continues to evolve. It is evident in all the educational offerings presented at Synergy these past years, this year, and future meetings.

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the Synergy Daily conference newspaper, available to attendees of the Synergy Miami interventional oncology meeting in November 2016. This article did not undergo peer review. 

Suggested citation: Wempe EP. Synergy’s 2016 Nursing Symposium. Articles from the official show daily for Synergy 2016. Intervent Oncol 360. 2017;6(2):E12-E13. 

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