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“First of Its Kind”: Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Thyroid Ablation Case Presented at CIO 2019

“First of Its Kind”: Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Thyroid Ablation Case Presented at CIO 2019


Saturday, October 12, 2019 (Miami, FL): Today the Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO) experienced an educational first-in-technology presentation by Course Co-Director Ziv Haskal, MD, Professor/Fellowship Director, Interventional Radiology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dr. Haskal shared the first virtual reality thyroid ablation case, performed by University of Virginia Associate Professor Auh Whan Park, MD, in order to highlight the benefits of image-guided ablation for U.S. clinicians. He noted, “The ability to replace open, often disfiguring surgery with image-guided ablation for benign thyroid masses is well established outside the U.S.” Dr. Haskal has worked through educational channels for several years in an effort to communicate the benefits of image-guided ablation. He hopes attendees will come to a better understanding of the procedure through the benefits of virtual reality, which is the next best thing to viewing a case live and in person. Viewing the case in virtual reality placed physicians “in the room, right there, part of the procedure with Dr. Park.” Dr. Haskal hopes attendees will come to understand the utility of image-guided ablation and begin to consider the necessary steps to offer it to their patients.

The session opened with a talk on guidelines and trends in thyroid nodule evaluation by Ann Podrasky, MD, of the Miami Cancer Institute. Dr. Robert Udelsman, also from the Miami Cancer Institute, spoke on surgical and minimally invasive treatments for thyroid cancer. Prior to the viewing of his thyroid ablation case in virtual reality, case operator Auh Whan Park, MD, of the University of Virginia, spoke on ablation of benign thyroid nodules, discussing evidence, guidelines, meta-analyses, and approaches. The next presentation involved viewing the thyroid ablation case and was moderated by Ziv Haskal, MD.

The virtual reality case required four cameras and was filmed over two hours. Editing brought the case down to eleven minutes. Describing the process and technology behind the virtual reality viewing, Dr. Haskal commented, “It’s not just setting up a camera. We have a full production studio for virtual reality (VR) which includes a VR editor, an Emmy award-winning producer, subject matter expertise, film and sound production, and agreement with software companies for development of the platform that you are seeing.”

After viewing the case, further discussion included Drs. Ziv Haskal, Constantino Peña, case operator Auh Whan Park, Robert Udelsman, Ann Podrasky, and A. Nick Kurup.

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