Ziv Haskal
For the first time, physicians can learn how to perform a difficult surgical procedure by experiencing it in virtual reality. Ziv Haskal, MD, recently debuted a 10-part series that transports the viewer into the operating room as he creates a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS). Dr… Read More
shaking hands
In the current health care environment, partnerships between physician groups and hospital systems are becoming common. In this Q&A, Brian Schiro, MD, discusses health care trends that make such partnerships beneficial, as well as his own experiences with joining a larger alliance. Dr Schiro is… Read More
Sarah White MD, MS, FSIR
Ablation offers another treatment option for patients with metastatic colon cancer who are not candidates for resection, but the limited size of the ablation zone currently makes this technique effective only in patients with small tumors. Researchers, though, are exploring ways to expand the… Read More
doctor practicing
Interventional oncology is a rapidly evolving field, and clinicians are constantly adapting their clinical practice and office procedures to accommodate the latest advances. In this Q&A, Constantino Peña, MD, shares some of the recent changes he has made to his practice. Dr Peña is an… Read More
Dr Pena
Interventional radiologists provide cutting-edge treatments to patients with cancer, but excellent patient care involves more than a successful procedure. In this Q&A, Constantino Peña, MD, offers his advice on how to bring patient care to the next level. Dr Peña is an Interventional… Read More
ripal gandhi, md
In this Q&A, Ripal Gandhi, MD, explains the best ways to prepare for a tumor board meeting and communicate with colleagues, particularly in areas that do not have high-quality data available. He also explains how the interventional oncologist can add value beyond therapeutic procedures, and how… Read More
tumor board meeting
Tumor boards are critical to the care of patients with cancer. They enable collaboration between the various specialists involved in treatment, with interventional oncologists playing a key role. We spoke with Ripal Gandhi, MD, about how interventional oncologists can make the most of this… Read More
ripal gandhi, md
Ripal Gandhi, MD, practices interventional oncology at the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute and Miami Cancer Institute and is a Course Director for the Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO). Dr. Gandhi closely follows the latest research in the field and shared his thoughts on… Read More
Charles Ray, MD, PhD
Running an interventional oncology practice is a challenging endeavor that draws on multiple skill sets, from communicating with colleagues to implementing measures to assess and improve quality. IO360 interviewed Charles Ray, MD, PhD, about how to evaluate staff, attract patients, and ensure that… Read More
S. Samuels, MD, B. Schiro, MD, R. Gandhi, MD.  With a vibrant future ahead, Interventional Oncology (IO) will continue to provide the oncologic community and patients with cutting-edge treatments and proven therapies in a wide array of disease processes. Here we review the state of the major… Read More