Percutaneous Cryoblation Ablation May Be a Treatment Option for Patients With Solitary, Sporadic RCC

Percutaneous cryoblation ablation may be a reasonable treatment option for patients with clinical stage T1a papillary on renal cell carcinoma (pRCC) and clear-cell RCC (ccRCC), especially for patients with (pRCC).

For the study, researchers used a single institution’s renal ablation registry to identify patients who were treated with percutaneous cryoablation for a solitary, sporadic stage T1a RCC from 2003 to 2016. Patients were excluded if they had multiple tumors, history of RCC, genetic syndromes associated with RCC, no specific RCC subtype determined from core biopsy, RCC subtype other than clear-cell or papillary, or less than 3 months of follow-up imaging.

There were, in total, 173 patients who met inclusion criteria for the study. In these patients, oncologic outcomes, clinical outcomes, and complications were analyzed based on tumor subtype.

Results showed that 173 patients were treated with percutaneous cryoblation for a stage T1a RCC, and 75% (130 patients) had ccRCC, while 25% (43 patients) had pRCC. Patients had a median tumor size of 2.9 cm, and cryoblation was technically successful in all 173 patients.

In 6 patients with ccRCC, local tumor recurrence was seen, and metastatic RCC developed in 1 patient who also had local tumor recurrence. Additionally, new renal tumors developed in 1 patient.

However, no patients with pRCC had local tumor recurrence, new renal tumors, or metastatic disease. After 5 years, the disease-free survival rate in patients with ccRCC was 88%, whereas it was 100% in patients with pRCC. There were major complications in 9 patients with ccRCC.

“Percutaneous ablation is a viable treatment option for patients with clinical stage T1a pRCC and ccRCC. Percutaneous ablation may be a very favorable treatment strategy particularly for pRCC,” the researchers concluded.


Haddad MM, Schmit GD, Kurup AN, et al. Percutaneous Cryoablation of Solitary, Sporadic Renal Cell Carcinoma: Outcome Analysis Based on Clear-Cell versus Papillary Subtypes. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2018 Jun 7. pii: S1051-0443(18)31004-2. doi: 10.1016/j.jvir.2018.02.029. [Epub ahead of print]