CIO Spotlight

Drs. Park and Haskal
Auh Whan Park, MD, and Ziv Haskal, MD University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia Although thyroid ablation is a common procedure in many countries around the world, it is offered less frequently in North America. A variety of physicians can perform thyroid ablation,… Read More
CIO abstracts 2018
CIO 2018 featured a variety of abstracts across the field of interventional oncology. View the PDFs to read  the abstracts and learn more about the research presented at CIO.
CIO included several featured abstracts, and we had the opportunity to talk in more detail with the authors. Abstract authors: E. Fayazzadeh, A.H. Amer, F. Aucejo, G. McLennan What sparked your interest in comparing outcomes of conventional transarterial chemoembolization (cTACE) and TACE using… Read More
packed hall
Morning sessions review lung ablation therapies and potential for emerging technologies. By Brenda Silva As CIO 2018 continues, early sessions on day two looked to report on existing and emerging technologies for ablation with focused attention on lung, thyroid, and lymph nodes, as well as… Read More
CIO Day 1 Session 2
By Brenda Silva The CIO Townhall session provided an assessment of the value placed on recent trials and data that may affect interventional oncology practices and procedures. The discussion served to underscore the importance of interventional oncology (IO), make sense of conflicting trial… Read More
CIO Panel
By Brenda Silva As the 10th Annual Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology gets underway, the first session addressed the latest developments in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) treatments and therapy options. Course Director Shaun Samuels, MD, began with an observation about the mature status… Read More
Stephen Solomon, MD
Lung ablation is an active area of research in interventional oncology, and recently published studies have given clinicians more factors to consider when determining which patients are good candidates for the procedure. In this Q&A, Stephen Solomon, MD, reviews recently published trials, looks… Read More
Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer care, and its success has led interventionalists to wonder how it might pair with image-guided therapy in the future. Despite some concerns in the field that immunotherapy might replace image-guided therapy, William Rilling, MD, sees an opportunity for… Read More
Dr. Callstrom
The landscape for renal ablation is changing as new studies suggest that certain patients may have outcomes comparable to surgery. With guidelines beginning to reflect those changes, interventional oncologists should be prepared to offer ablation alongside surgery to the proper patients, and to… Read More
Dr. Tutton
Patients are often left with skeletal complications and debilitating pain as a result of cancer or treatment for cancer. These fractures and other complications diminish quality of life and overall survival, but practitioners of interventional oncology have the potential to offer treatments that… Read More