CIO Spotlight

Debra Gervais, MD
Interventional radiologists who are interested in performing adrenal ablations would benefit from reviewing the literature and including both an endocrinologist and anesthesiologist on the treatment team, according to a presentation by Debra Gervais, MD, at the Symposium on Clinical Interventional… Read More
In this video, Constantino Peña, MD, discusses practical insights regarding radial access.
Alice Gillams
Interventional oncologists often report that they have difficulty making the case for continuing to perform lung ablation, but many clinicians are convinced that lung ablation should remain within the scope of practice. Alice Gillams, MB, CHB, reviewed literature supporting lung ablation in a… Read More
Dr Haskal
Ziv Haskal, MD, introduces thyroid ablation, an important procedure that will increasingly be performed by interventional radiologists. 
Karen Brown
Bland embolization, an interventional technique derived from the concept of dual blood supply to the liver, was the subject of a presentation at CIO 2018 by Karen Brown, MD, FSIR. Dr. Brown is an interventional radiologist at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center in New York. In her presentation… Read More
CIO included several featured abstracts, and we had the opportunity to talk in more detail with one of the authors. Authors: M.J. Dattoli, S.M. Bravo, D.M. Kaplon, M. Hayes, A. Osorio, P.M. Dycus, D. Bostwick, J.M. Kaminski Why did you decide to study Feraheme (ferumoxytol), and what sets your… Read More
Timothy Clark, MD
Timothy Clark, MD, gives tips for conventional TACE in this Craftsman's Corner session from CIO.
Biopsy is the foundation of cancer care, but its importance is often understated. As the framework of precision medicine becomes more ingrained in the standard of care, interventional radiologists must remain well versed on the latest advances in biomarker science and be able to communicate with… Read More
Drs. Park and Haskal
by Auh Whan Park, MD, and Ziv Haskal, MD University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia Although thyroid ablation is a common procedure in many countries around the world, it is offered less frequently in North America. A variety of physicians can perform thyroid ablation,… Read More
CIO abstracts 2018
CIO 2018 featured a variety of abstracts across the field of interventional oncology. View the PDFs to read  the abstracts and learn more about the research presented at CIO.