CIO Spotlight

In this video, Sean M. Tutton, MD, FSIR discusses the 5 P’s of MSK interventions and the importance of remembering the mnemonic device “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”
S Padia
Ablation and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) are both effective treatments for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), especially those in early stages of the disease. Siddharth A. Padia, MD explains what interventional radiologists need to know when deciding between ablation and… Read More
In this video, Matthew Callstrom, MD, PhD discusses the risk of collecting system injury with microwave ablation and how central renal tumors can be effectively treated. 
Sarah White, MD, MS, FSIR
When talking to hospitals and oncologists about the benefits of having a full-time interventional radiology (IR) faculty, it is important to highlight the work related value units (wRVUs) that can be brought in from a clinical prospective, according to a presentation from Sarah White, MD, MS, FSIR… Read More
Peter J. Littrup, MD
In this video Peter Littrup, MD discusses a case of renal cryoablation including hydrodissection, cryoprobe placement, and cryoablation monitoring.
Dr. Gandhi
Interventional radiologists who are interested in performing Y90 should be aware of clinical red flags including bilirubin trends, potent radiosensitizers, prior biliary intervention, and the presence of ascites, according to a presentation by Ripal Gandhi, MD, FSVM, FSIR at the Symposium on… Read More
Alice Gillams, MB, CHB
In this video, Alice Gillams, MB, CHB, discusses the benefits of liver directed therapy. 
Debra Gervais, MD
Interventional radiologists who are interested in performing adrenal ablations would benefit from reviewing the literature and including both an endocrinologist and anesthesiologist on the treatment team, according to a presentation by Debra Gervais, MD, at the Symposium on Clinical Interventional… Read More
In this video, Constantino Peña, MD, discusses practical insights regarding radial access.